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  • Importance of taking a good photograph to promote your animal


    We live in a digital age where the world is our oyster with regard to promoting stock for sale. It is the norm to upload photographs and videos of horses for sale on the web, as clients are reluctant to travel without seeing a photograph and/or video of the animal first.

    It is imperative when uploading photos of your horse or pony that you realise that this is your sales pitch and presentation to potential customers. No amount of words will make up for a bad photo or video. The age and market you are targeting should influence the types of photos you will post. One photo that should be consistent for all animals and all marketing campaigns is that of the horse standing in open stance.

    Sequence of legs for open stance.

    Near fore directly under the shoulder, near hind directly under the point of buttock, with the off fore slightly behind the near fore leg and off hind leg slightly in front of the near hind leg (near side = side closest to viewer; off side = side furthest away from viewer).

    You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a good photograph of your horse. The most important thing is that the horse is well presented and in the centre of the photograph.Taking a good photograph requires planning.

    • Pick a location which as a neutral background, preferably a hedge or wall. The surface should be hard and level.
    • Pick a day when the weather is good, preferably with the sun shining, and when taking the photograph, the sun should be behind the camera.
    • At a minimum, two assistants are required to aid the photographer, one to hold the horse and the other to get the horses attention, so that the horse stand alert and is looking forward with its ears pricked forward.
    • The horse should be in good health and have its feet trimmed. The mane should be lying neatly to the off side or plaited.
    • If younger than three, the animal should wear a clean, correctly fitted leather head collar.
    • If three years of age and over, it should be wearing a clean and correctly fitted bridle.

    Photographs to consider including, depending on the age of the animal.

    1. A side-on shot of the horse/pony standing in open stance, alert but relaxed, with ears pricked forward.
    2. A photo of the horse loose jumping or under saddle, preferably side on with the fence. If being ridden, the rider should be smartly dressed and wear a helmet.
    3. A good head shot of the horse.
    4. The horse should be in good health and well turned out.

    If selling a foal.

    The foal should be in good condition and finished coating or shedding.


    The marketplace is very competitive, particularly the middle market for clients. Therefore, it is in your best interests to upload photographs of your horse looking its best in order to give you the greatest possibility of attracting clients through the farm gate.

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